The importance of the flavours of our land.

The food we cook and the products offered in our store bear witness to the trusting relationship we have established with local producers. We work together every day and we share the same values.
Those who join our supply chain are asked to provide exhaustive and transparent details regarding their production techniques with the utmost. The labels you will find on our shelves explain the origins and characteristics of each product, based on the type of agriculture adopted by the company; while the various charts on display in our shop introduce each company and the characteristics of their products. We consider it vital that you know exactly what we are offering.

The biodiversity of local production.

A focus on biodiversity is one of the cornerstones of the valorisation of the rare and ancient cultivations of our territory. The Bottega di Stigliano’s network of producers is working to restore some long-lost local varieties that contain important nutritional qualities while guaranteeing the biodiversity and environmental sustainability of the agricultural practice.

Verdacchia Plum

The Verdacchia is an old and rare Italian plum, mainly limited to barnyards and the areas around farmhouses.
Its jam is collected and jarred by hand and processed by La Bottega di Stigliano, preserving all its important nutritional qualities.
Discover the history, quality and processing methods of the Verdacchie Plum Jam.

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