A landscape of local flavours.

Stigliano is a small village in the council of Sovicille overlooking the hills, rivers, woodland and cultivated fields of the Val di Merse. With a sweeping gaze you are immersed in a land where man works in harmony with nature. The high quality cultivation is first and foremost a source of food for its inhabitants, the result of ancient knowhow that has been passed down from generation to generation, home to home. The landscape of the Val di Merse has long been a source of inspiration for its local gastronomical culture.

Bike & Walk

A bike ride, a simple stroll or a hearty trek: the perfect way to immerse yourself in the nature, culture and landscape of the Val di Merse. The village of Stigliano is the perfect departure point from which to really discover the surrounding territory.

Gran Tour Val di Merse

The Gran Tour della Val di Merse is a fully-marked 147km-long cycle tourism itinerary which will take you all over the hidden treasures of this breath-taking place. Penetrating the very heart of the Montagnola Senese, you will also see the valleys of the Elsa and Cecina rivers and further south the Ombrone river, amidst typical rolling hills and surprisingly varied natural environments, all the way to the very gates of the city of Siena.

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Tuscany Cycling House

Tuscany Cycling House is located just a few kilometres from the Bottega di Stigliano and offers services for cycling enthusiasts and cycle tourists. Here you can find everything you need for the perfect a cycling holiday: from bike rental and vans to transport them to advice on GPS trackers and itineraries, as well as highly-qualified staff to accompany you on your visit.

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Terre di Siena

Terre di Siena is the tourism website for the Sienese area. In particular, you can visit the section dedicated to the Val di Merse, as well as a range of proposed itineraries for bikes, walks, and much more.

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Where to Sleep

The village of Stigliano – not to mention the entire Sovicille council – offers a wide choice of accommodation possibilities. Whether you prefer a B&B or an epoch residence, you will always be surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Val di Merse

B&B Palazzo a Merse

Established in an ancient village next to an old mill, the B&B Palazzo a Merse is immersed in the countryside that is so characteristic of this corner of Tuscany. Sleeping from two to six persons, the apartments located in the ancient farmhouse are the perfect choice for relaxing holidays in a natural context. The structure is particularly suitable for cycle tourists.

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Castello del Poggiarello di Stigliano

Three houses and a Tower in the historical Castello del Poggiarello in Stigliano, surrounded by a luxuriant garden, and bordered by sweet rolling hills covered with olive groves, cypress avenues and woodland. Both bedrooms and apartments are available, all with a splendid view over the Val di Merse and the Sienese hills.

Info: www.tuscanycastle.com
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What to See

The Bottega di Stigliano is the perfect departure point for visiting some truly important historical-cultural gems in the surrounding countryside. Villages, churches, castles, museums – the list is endless. Here are just a few of the incredible places you can visit.


The medieval village of Stigliano once belonged to the Ardengheschi family, until their submission to Siena in 1202. Today we can still admire the castle’s battlemented tower and the village’s ancient walls that run along some the medieval homes.

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Pieve di Ponte allo Spino

The Pieve di San Giovanni Battista, known as the Pieve di Ponte allo Spino, is one of the most interesting Romanesque monuments found in Sienese territory. The church was first mentioned in 1050 AD and following tradition the building was constructed in tufo stone and calcareous stone by the Vallombrosiani monks from Torri near an important road between Via Cassia and the Aurelia.

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Abbazia di San Galgano

The Abbazia di San Galgano truly is one of the province’s most treasured monuments: an immense, roofless cathedral rising in the middle of the countryside, this Cistercian abbey was named after San Galgano who, converting following a rather wild youth, became a hermit in penitence.

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Terme di Petriolo

Frequented even by the Romans, the first mention of the Baths of Petriolo date back to 1230. The thermal waters reach a temperature of +43°C at the source which is found on the banks of the Farma river. These natural thermal baths are hugely beneficial for those who choose to bathe there

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Museo Etnografico del Bosco

The Museo Etnografico del Bosco is found in the village of Orgia. Its ethnographic collection brings to life the testimonies of the men who lived and worked in the forests: the first section is dedicated to the forest and the emotions it can inspire; the next section follows the markings and traces left behind of traditional farming activities.

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Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate Museo Archeologico

This museum is located in the ancient Palazzo Vescovile in the charming village of Murlo. It preserves a number of archaeological exhibits from the local territory including, as well as the contents of the necropolises of Poggio Aguzzo (VII century BC), material found in the Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate, one of the most important discoveries regarding the population of northern Etruria.

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Bottega di Stigliano

What to See

Where to Sleep


La Bottega di Stigliano
Piazza di Stigliano 62
Loc. Stigliano, Sovicille (Siena)

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